Private one-to-one SLR tuition - LONDON

Be honest. Does your camera just feel a bit like this to you ??


Finding photography all a bit overly complicated ?
Happy with some of your photos, but not sure how to reproduce them ?
Want to get your camera out of automatic ?

Let me get you up to speed on a 1-to-1 basis, go at your speed, focus on what you dont know and skip over the stuff you do. Get more control over your pictures, get to know your camera properly. You only need to really master 3 things to leap forward and I can explain the lot in a 2 hour session.

I offer private sessions for people with their own SLR or BRIDGE camera. My own gear is Canon, but I have taught many other brands. Please note I do not teach compact cameras unless they have a significant amount of manual controls.

I offer a 2 hour course at £70 for one person, and £110 for a couple provided they are the same standard, plus travel (London zone 1+2 is £30). Additional hours are at £35/hour for one person, £55/hour for a couple. Follow up sessions are a minimum of 2 hours.

There is a basic 2 page syllabus that we try and get through as best we can with some notes for you to take away and digest in your own time. After the course, I am also very happy to help out with questions you may have, chat over photos etc, or even move to the next level.

At your own pace, we aim to cover:
  • a little bit of theory (sorry !)
  • aperture, and the effects like depth of field
  • shutter speed, and their effect on image sharpness
  • ISO settings, when to change ISO, what it does
  • camera modes (aperture priority, shutter priority & the auto modes)
  • basic familiarity for your camera
  • some useful tips & tricks

The above usually takes between an hour and an hour+half. We then take photos for the rest of the session and discuss how they went.

Drop me a line then and get that SLR out of AUTO ... !!

I also accept pre-payment for gifts for friends/family.
I also teach Adobe Lightroom.